Sunday, 21 April 2013

My China beauty haul post!

I thought I would have liked to vlog my haul post from China but unfortunately I'm full of cold and wanted to start getting some of my China posts sorted as over the next two months I have a lot of Uni assignments due and probably should get on with those! Eep.

Now I was quite disappointed with shopping in China. Probably because I didn't really have enough time to do any shopping apart from running into Sasa and Sephora now and then in a really high-end mall. Everything is really expensive over there and I struggled to fit anything into my time and really search for the Korean/Japanese stores which I wanted to go into. However, thinking on that I might not be able to get anything over there, before I went I ordered a few bits from Taobao (a website like eBay) and managed to get the MIL to order me a few cosmetics. Also, my aunty in Shanghai had just recently been to Seoul so gave me a few bits and pieces she didn't want.

Watsons, a similar store to Superdrug/Boots is really popular in Asia. There are stores in several countries and this place became my second home for my beauty haul. Prices were really reasonable and I would have liked to have bought more but unfortunately I didn't have the room to bring lots back with me!

I will be reviewing these items over the next few months. This is just a short haul post showing what I bought.

I had to buy my EtudeHouse products from Taobao as I couldn't find a store ANYWHERE in Beijing or Shanghai. I think they may have closed them down recently. I bought the Etoinette bronzer pot with powder puff. However, in my husband's home town we managed to find a small sort-of shopping centre which just had a counter opened selling Korean cosmetics. I managed to get the two Sweet Recipe nail polishes, I do have the other two coming shortly, which I've had to order! Lastly I have a cute hand cream, which got a little rubbed up in my bag but smells lush!

These Perfect products are from Shiseido and I managed to find most in Watsons however, one I had to buy from Taobao. I really love these products and already use the Perfect Whip face wash which is really quite deep cleansing and leaves your skin feeling really clean. I bought some more of the other products in the collection as I'm running out of my usual Clinique range and fancied a change. I think all the products came in at around £15. I have paid around £10 just for one product on eBay so I'm happy with my mini haul!

Maybelline. Well what can I say about Maybelline? It's in every single supermarket and store I've seen, and is so bloody expensive! I also found a Rimmel London counter selling lipsticks for around £16, so yeah, I won't be doing that when I move over there!
I picked these bits up in the supermarket for a few quid. I really like trying BB creams although I normally stick to Garnier, but there are more like primers so I thought I would give them a go. The two BB creams came with the refining toners which I thought was a nice touch. I had to jump on the bandwagon and bought three colours of Babe Lips. I think these were a couple of quid each. 

I couldn't find any Tony Moly cosmetics in stores, yet again probably because they are Korean. Mainland China is rubbish for stocking decent brands but Hong Kong is fab! Maybe when I move I'll be having weekend trips down to HK or Bangkok for cosmetics! I managed to order two products from Taobao before I left, I bought a lipstick in a coral colour and the Cats Wink mascara which I've run out of. Also, my aunty had one of the Tony Moly lip balms which are similar to EOS but a fraction of the price. 

These are miscellaneous items which I bought. I bought an Evian face spray as my skin got pretty dry out there. I thought I would try the Caudalie spray too as there have been mixed reviews about that, and I managed to find a cheap bottle in Sephora. Another BB cream as usual, beauty sponge to apply foundation and BB creams, few mini beauty products, Avon (yep, they love Avon in Asia!) foaming face wash, a whitening face wash. And last but not least a Schwarzkopf Freshlight hair dye. These are by far the cutest hair dyes I have ever seen. I ended up bringing loads back from Bangkok last time I went as their lighter shades turned pastel on my bleached hair - yeah. 

In practically every store I went into that sold face masks, I bought one, or many! I love the full face masks that you can just whack on for a bit of refreshment but have no idea where to find these in England, not that I'm a big skincare fan anyway but I ended up bringing loads back. In Sephora I picked one of each up and the woman almost had heart failure! Hopefully I will have a few months supply from these before I head off again to pick up more! 

I really couldn't be bothered going into detail about each product as there are quite a few! Is there anything specific you would like to see a review on? Let me know! :) 


  1. Oh wow they look amazing! I love Tony Moly items, they always look so cute. Great items you got there x

  2. Of so many cute items. I bought the icecream nail varnish this week actually. it had sold out of the blue but got the pink. excited. looking forward to the reviews.

  3. What an amazing haul :) Love everything, i have a slight obsession with Korean cosmetics and am permanently lusting after the Etude House Etoinette bronzer! Would love to see a review on the Tony Moly lipstick, and Shiseido skincare (^_^)

  4. I think I'm going to post an asian cosmetics wishlist post. I need to go out there on a shopping trip! I love love love everything Tony Moly. i can' wait to try those masks :D

    Love Yuna x