Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Finally time for a spending ban...

I know I said I would try to do a spending ban when I came back from China, and here it goes. I'm always spending too much money. Mainly on dresses and beauty products, so I'm trying to cut down and save like a real adult for my future... As the MIL and husband have drilled it into my head. Little spends add up here and there, like the chai latte I have every morning easily coming to £15 per week, and those little spends in Superdrug that all add up, along with taxis from the train station every day costing £25 per week. I would hate to see how much I spend on a monthly basis, but at least I can safely say it's within my budget and I'm not going over my income every month.

Rather than have a piggy bank full of foreign money as shown above (ha ha), I will just cut down my spends and not buy anything.

These are my exceptions, as I feel it's only fair...

1. The proceeds of anything sold on eBay must stay within my PayPal account after postage costs have come out, this was I see it as swapping for something new. That way I'm not spending any money technially. Anything left over I can pop in my bank account and watch it grow.

2. No taxis to work from the train station. Yes I am lazy. Yes I could walk. There is also a Free City Bus from the train station to almost near where I work, and better than that, I pay for a Metro pass which includes bus fares so I could get the bus to work which gets me even closer... Yeah...

3. No chai lattes every morning from coffee shops. Whether it's Cafe Nero or Starbucks it will become a no go. As when I'm there I pick up a pastry or so and it easily costs around £6 per morning. I have started buying packet chai latte mix so either I can make myself one before I set off or just wait until I get to work.

4. Also on the theme of work and eating, I will pack my lunches every day. This means a little healthier eating, so hopefully shedding the pounds and saving them... Ohh crafty there.

5. Little spends. I will not buy any more beauty treatments for the next 30 days. I do not need them. I've just bought lots from China which could clearly last me the next six months so I do not need more. I will use everything I own and replace it if needed. I MUST KEEP TELLING MYSELF THIS!

6. I can still enjoy going out on the weekend for tea and cake, however, I will set myself a monthly budget of £20 for everything. £5 a week. How I will manage on that I don't know but taking into account food shopping and transport is paid for, and I won't be going out every week I should be able to manage this!

Hopefully by me spending less I might invest more time into Uni work, I'm hoping so at least.

So how do you think I'll do girls? I'm staying focused and positive. However, saying that I already have three dresses on my watch list on eBay - lucky for me I've just sold some items!


  1. Woohoo a spending ban I think I'll jump on board with you from next week (payday) as Steve and I are going to go on holiday!

    Here are some tips I've already picked up on:

    £1 shops are your new best friends - I find a lot of good brands in the three on crown point in Leeds as well as other necessities and amazing click lid lunch boxes in every size and colour you can imagine! Perfect for those thrifty healthy lunches and taking snacks on the go.

    The Nescafé boxed lattes and cappuccinos are really good and you get 8 drinks for the price of one grande starbucks, nom! The skinny ones are awesome too!

    I'm happy to join you on the spending ban as I need to start being less indulgent, that's the problem when you don't have too many bills! I have a credit card balance that needs attention too so I'll be aiming to tackle that.


  2. Wahhhh! But who will buy all my pretty dresses?!xx

  3. I wish I had the guts to do this, but I don't so I'll just congratulate you and cheer from the sidelines instead :) xx

  4. Good luck! You can do it! :) if you ever get desperate you are welcome to mind for FREE tea and cake!