Tuesday, 2 April 2013

eBay tips: (2) How to sell

We all like to have money, and if you are like me and have a zillion things lying around that you don't use anymore or wear anymore, it's great to let someone else have the opportunity. You can pretty much sell anything on eBay which is handy if you want a little extra cash.

Now I see it as swapping. I have used swapping sites before but nothing gives you the thrill of seeing a bidding war when your item is finishing and the money arriving in your PayPal account! Normally I leave anything I make in my account which means I can have a bid on a few nice things myself. There we go, a swap!

If you are a new seller, here are a few tips:

1. Make sure you give an accurate description of the item, including any faults, measurements and all details of the item. Just think when you are buying it helps you to make a decision easier without hassling all parties.

2. Be reasonable with your postage costs. I normally make sure they pay the full postage plus for recorded delivery, that way you can ensure the item gets to the buyer easier and if there are any problems you are covered with PayPal.

3. Take good photos! Try and take them in daylight and a full length picture of the item. If it has a print for example, take a close up photo of the print. Make sure you include any photos of flaws in the item.

4. Just accept PayPal. It's easy to use and makes sure you have the money in your account very swiftly, it only takes an hour or so to transfer to your bank account too so no excuses. Plus, as I said on my previous eBay tips post, it protects you at all times.

5. Be realistic on your pricing, don't charge £30 for a Primark dress just because you want to sell it for that. Buyers want a bargain so are very reluctant to get that now. Try a reasonable price and then a Buy It Now price in case anyone wants to buy the item there and then. I am a bit of a trier and if a seller doesn't include one I will always ask if they are interested/offer them what I would be willing to pay for the item. If you don't try you will never know!

So just another few tips on being a better member of the eBay community!

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