Monday, 25 March 2013

#WIWT: The wedding edition

So as this post has been scheduled to go up at 11.00 am, I will have just finished my ceremony and will currently be taking wedding photos and heading off to get changed to go to Manchester Airport! 

Here is a sneak peek today of what I wore to my wedding, I hope everyone likes! 

I definitely felt like a vintage movie star in this outfit, I probably won't ever wear this dress again as it's much too extravagant for my wardrobe, but I adore it so much; and the shoes, they are far too high for me! 

1. Crushed sequin maxi dress - Miss Selfridge
2. Premium fur stole - ASOS
3. Poppy birdcage veil - Lilly Bella
4. Rose gold court shoes -
5.  Rose gold chunky bracelet - Dorothy Perkins
5. Rose gold heart studs -

I'll be posting more photos of the wedding and doing a mini blog post later before I head off on my honeymoon to China! 

Hope you all like ladies xo 


  1. i bet you looked an absolute babe. congrats lady! MISSUS lady, i should say! x

  2. i bet you looked gorgeous! i'm so excited for you.
    that dress is to die for!
    have an amazing time in china! X X X

  3. Congratulations! i bet you looked absolutely stunning :-) have a brilliant time in China! Xxx

  4. Much love,
    "cool blog <3