Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Weekly adorations #4

Well this is the fourth week I've been running this series and I'm overjoyed with it. I always read back each week to see what I've been loving!

This week:
1. The boy surprising me. As most of you might know if you follow me on Twitter, he came home on Friday night as a surprise for the weekend with his friend. We had an awesome weekend and I couldn't have been happier!
2. My wedding - only 13 days away. Yes I am sad enough to be counting down the days now.
3. Hotel hunting. I know it seems a little too late to be booking hotels in China (two weeks today!) but we're staying at the boy's most of the time. We're just looking for some really nice places to stay in Beijing and Shanghai. I've found an amazing shadow puppet hotel in Beijing that we just HAVE to stay at.
4. The #FABBbloggersLeeds event - went so well and I had an amazing time. Was really nice to meet other bloggers from the area.
5. Cakes of every form. I love cake, I really love cake. It makes me happy. SO happy. So this week I have been eating a lot of cake in every form. Probably not the best idea considering I've put on weight before my wedding but I couldn't really care less! Cake is awesome.

So those are my adorations for this week. Bring on the cake!


  1. How exciting that your wedding is in 13 days time, that's beyond exciting!

    Hannah cagneyandlace.com

  2. Ah your wedding is so close now! I recently got married in November last year, and I had the best day ever...so will you!

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  4. CAKE! :)


  5. Much love,
    "You are awesome <3