Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Weekly adorations #4

Here is another week of things I love!

1. The fact my wedding is less than 3 weeks away; and three weeks today I will be flying to China!
2. Getting excited over cosmetic stores in Beijing/Shanghai. I've written my shopping list of malls I wish to visit with great cosmetic stores inside. Can't wait for that one!
3. My Chinese wedding reception. At first I was really daunted at the prospect of having a lot of people there, but actually I'm really looking forward to it.
4. Meeting some amazing bloggers over the weekend. I feel honoured to have been blogging such a short length of time and having some lovely opportunities.
5. Primark shirts. I'm LOVING their sale at the moment, most of the shirts are reduced to £5 so I have been doing a few mini haul posts.

Here's to another week and another countdown!


  1. Primark are anything but shits, Michelle. *sort your editor out *shakes fist at sky!

  2. Hey, i've nominated you for the Liesbter award :) the rules are on my profile xx

  3. oooh congratulations, hope planning is going well for the wedding!

    i'm aaaaalways loving primark shirts! xxx