Sunday, 10 March 2013

The weekend edition

This weekend was a little bit manic for me really. Unexpectedly on Friday evening I had two visitors. My fiancé and his friend got an evening flight and came back from Germany for the weekend! It was lovely to see them and I had such an amazing weekend with them both. It's amazing how having them both around can change your perspective!

This is what I wore. Just a simple print shirt and skirt combo with a blazer. Yes it was FAR too cold to go out in a blazer (it was snowing) but my event in the evening meant I felt stupid walking around with a coat on too. More fool me as today I'm full of cold. I received so many compliments on my owl bag, you can buy one from eBay here. I actually bought mine from Afflecks Palace in Manchester, I recommend everyone should go here. It's such an amazing place.

On Saturday I attended the #FABBbloggersLeeds event, you can see the post here on that. It was a great time and we had cocktails and cake. It couldn't be more perfect.

I had my work's night out for my wedding, it wasn't what it cracked up to be and I was slightly disappointed that not everyone turned up or made an effort, but what they hey, I had my fiancé there and we had a blast with Tilly and Mark! Tilly will probably KILL me for putting this post up, but hey, I like it! And we had lots of cocktails too which made the event a lot better!

This was my Screaming Orgasm, it was actually horrid and pretty much made from double cream. Not recommended in future. 

Today I chilled at home whilst the boys went for a walk around Haworth and checked out the Bronte Parsonage museum to buy some tacky Yorkshire memorabilia to take back with them. I think they had a fab time and seemed to enjoy the tea and cake we made for when they got back. We couldn't send them back to Germany without tea and cakes right!?

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. I noticed on my phone later on that there was a far better group photo and that the lady had snapped several so kudos to me for posting my jabba the hut chins version 8Db

    I loved your outfit despite the butter incident and I'm glad you had good fun on your night out!

    Looking forward to seeing you soon! xo

  2. I love your outfit, especially the bag! I'm not surprised you got so many compliments on it. Looks you like you had a great but busy weekend!

    Lauren x