Thursday, 14 March 2013

Satisfying samples?

I used to be a subscriber to pretty much all the beauty boxes out there and since then have had a mass of sample products to review. I never used to bother using them at the time as I didn't really pay much interest to them (not sure why I bought them now!) however, I've decided it's time to start getting rid of them and clearing my box out. Hence 'satisfying samples'. I wanted to run this as a mini-series until I get everything used up from my beauty boxes. It will just give you an insight to what I've collected and whether I think it satisfying/whether I will buy the full size product.

Here we go!

This week so far I have used a Face Feel face mask, Melvita rose nectar moisturiser and two Neal&Wolf samples which I picked up at the #FABBbloggersLeeds event on Saturday.

1. Face Feel face mask - I think I received this free when I bought a few Asian cosmetics/skincare products a while back. It's a thick black mask that is suitable for sensitive skin. I have no idea what's in it and what it's for as I can't read Chinese and my boy wasn't around to help out. It took me by surprise when I opened it and it was a black gloopy mess, but seemed ok overall. I applied it, let it dry, and peeled it off after 30 mins as instructed. It worked well until I found patches where I had applied too much and I had to scratch it off and it wouldn't wash off. Lets no go there every again: my nails were thick with sludge and trying to wash if off the shower curtain was insanity. Very good mask that left me feeling rather refreshed and with noticeably less clogged pores; just not sure if the mess was worth it. 7/10 for this, I doubt I'll buy a full sized product but would use sachets if I got them again.

2. Melvita rose nectar moisturiser - I think this came in a beauty box a while back. It's for normal to dehydrated skin which is definitely mine. I always have dry patches but have combination skin and this formula isn't really useful for this. I applied it after my face mask and it soaked in well but left my face feeling really greasy. I definitely won't be buying this product. I think it was a hit and miss from the go as I don't always get on with skincare products anyway due to my ridiculously sensitive skin. 2/10 for this product.

3. Neal&Wolf Ritual Cleansing shampoo and conditioner - I picked this up at the event on Saturday along with one of their full size products. The shampoo is designed to clear all the daily impurities from your hair and used along with the light conditioner leave your hair feeling light and clean. I love shampoo products, I always find that I love them no matter what and always end up buying their full size set. This was no exception! It left my hair feeling extremely clean and less frizzy than normal. I don't always condition as it leaves my hair really greasy and flat but this left it light and clean. I received a 15% code for these products and thought they must be pretty expensive. When I checked out their site store I was really happy to see that these products retail for around £9-£10.  I was not expecting that at all so will definitely be using my voucher code and buying when I run out of my Redken shampoo I'm currently using. 9/10 - really impressed with this product!

What do you think about samples? Do you end up with loads stored away too?


  1. I have loads of samples to use up too, I might have to steal your idea! ;) I'm looking forward to using my Neal & Wolf too - I have the full sized shampoo but feel I need the matching conditioner so might have to us that discount code!

  2. I'm in love with the Neal and Wolf stuff. You got my fave shampoo xo

  3. Much love,
    "Great post <3