Friday, 22 March 2013

Pamper Day at the Marriott Hotel with Experience Days (*)

I was really excited when I was contacted by Experience Days to try out one of their pamper/spa treatment days at Marriott hotel. Getting married in a few days has proved really stressful and this was the perfect treat for a pre-wedding celebration!

I was offered two treatments, which as an experience on a whole costs £89. You can split the treatments between two people (one each) or be greedy and keep them both for yourself! My local Marriott Hotel was at Hollins Hall in Shipley, which is an idealic country club in the Yorkshire Dales. As well as the two treatments, you are entitled to use their gym facilities, swimming pool, jaccuzi and sauna for the whole day - giving the perfect luxurious spa day we all long for! I opted to take my mum with me, as we both needed a bit of time away from wedding stresses! And ladies, we all know we need our mums for these occasions!

We attended for afternoon tea earlier than our treatments (not included in the package but cost £19.95 for two) which was absolutely delicious! 

Afterwards we popped down to the swimming pool, sauna, and jacuzzi. There was hardly anyone around which was ultra reassuring for two body conscious women! We spent an hour in the jacuzzi and then I popped into the pool for a quick swim, something I haven't done in quite a few years, and must admit, I really enjoyed it. It was so nice to chill out and relax and not actually think about any daily chores or other wedding bits to sort out. We aren't gym buddies so didn't pay a visit to that however, I'm sure if we had arrived earlier we would have definitely made use of the all the facilities. 

The treatment options were:
1. A relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage
2. A refreshing facial
3. Soothing manicure.
All three of these options sounded absolutely divine! However, I chose the refreshing facial, as my skin was starting to look very pale and blemished due to the rubbish weather (snow in March, typical when I'm about to get wed!). My mum picked the soothing manicure!

My facial started with a deep cleanse, exfoliate and finished off with a hydrating mask which came accompanied with a neck and shoulder massage (which I wasn't expecting!). All three of the products used we high end and contained aromatherapy oils. The treatment was very luxurious and I almost fell asleep during the process! This lasted 30 minutes, and was pure bliss

My mum had the soothing manicure which I didn't get to see until the finishing product (having being in a separate room) but she was pleased with the service. The manicure consisted of a cream massage, cuticle sort out and polish with top coat and oil to finish. 

Overall, this was a really enjoyable experience for both of us. The overall package was high end and the service provided was of excellent quality. You definitely couldn't fault anything from this day at all. The whole experience package was definitely worth it's money as at Hollins Hall the treatments were £22 alone and the country club membership is extremely pricey! 

Pamper/spa experience days are available throught the UK at various Marriott Hotels so you will always be able to find one locally to you; you can find them here!

I'm already eyeing up their afternoon tea experience day, and another with cake decorating! Why not check out their other experience days?


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