Monday, 4 March 2013

Finding the perfect heels (*)

Finding the perfect heels has always been my ambition. I'm 5'9 and I've always worn flat shoes because I don't like being taller than I am; also, I can't walk in anything. I did buy a pair of heels from NL (only wedges with a 1" heel) and I fell over in Primark knocking all the rails down. Lets not talk about that right now...

Anyway, I was given the opportunity to review a pair of hi tops from Barratts. I'm so grateful for this opportunity as my blog isn't two months old and I appreciate it a lot. So normally as I only wear flat shoes, I spend a lot of my life living in Vans and Converse so it seemed the perfect opportunity to check out a new pair of trainers. I was so lucky to see in their hi tops range they have wedge trainers. I've seen these a few times and been very skeptical about buying them in case I fall over or can't walk in them, whatever.

I was pleasantly surprised when I received these. They looked TINY in the box so I was really upset when I thought they wouldn't fit, but they are really deceptive and fit like a dream. I was prancing around the house Wednesday night for around an hour getting used to them and didn't stumble or trip up once!

The colour is really nice, they are black with a muted shade of broze/dark rose gold which goes really well with a lot of items I own. The soles are fairly thick, a little thicker than trainers, and make them really comfortable to wear. The heels are quite deceptive as I would say they are around 2-3" but you feel very well supported in these. I had them on in my outfit post from Saturday, which you can see here. They are a very versatile pair of trainers and can be worn with usual jeans and a tee, or dressed up with a nude dress (as I did Saturday).

I'm surprised I managed to keep them on all day Saturday, from around 10 am - 6 pm without them rubbing at all, they are undoubtedly the most comfortable shoes I own, and I will definitely wear them a lot more now. I'm on the prowl for another pair actually!

What do you think of hi tops? And wedge trainers?


  1. i loathed them. then, like the sheep i am, i fell in love. still yet to own a pair, cos not sure if i can rock them in a skirt. although, you seem to be doing just that. rock on, my friend.

  2. Despite needing to take stairs slightly slower when we were touring vintage shops I think you rocked these on Saturday considering we did so much walking!

    As we're so similar in height I think I may snap myself up some of these to try out as I've always been heel-phobic due to the fear of towering over everyone though, so I'll probably reserve wearing for our little trips :')

    Y · xo

  3. They look awesome; I have some coming too so I'm even more excited now! I'm 5'10 so like you, I don't often wear heels but when I do, I love wedges xxx

  4. I'm a huge fan of wedge hi-tops - super trendy and a bit of a glam boost without being too much of a statement! Couldn't help but lol a lot at your story about falling over in Primark - I can picture it!!

    I've got a new blog which I'd love you to check out:


  5. What a lovely pair of hi-tops for barratts.. They look good on you too. :)
    I have a pair of white ones from River Island, but am considering buying some darker coloured ones too.. They really are so comfy! And I think in darker colours they can be dressed up or down. :)