Saturday, 30 March 2013

eBay tips: (1) How to buy

I spend a lot of my time on eBay trawling through branded posts and posts which items with incorrect spelling just to get a decent bargain. I have no idea what made me become such a thrifty shopper. I would rather pay under £10 for a nice item and get double for my money; I think this is why I have an addiction to Primark and New Look with my student card. I would rather come away from a shop with a few cheaper dupe pieces than from Topshop with one. I like to see where my money goes I guess!

I've used eBay since I was around 16, both buying and selling.

This post is a simple tip post on how to become a better shopper and get more for your buck!

1. Have a good rummage! Have a good look at what's finishing within the next hour or so for your desired piece. I always buy dresses on eBay so try to pip people at the post by whacking a bid on within the last minute or so! Use the search bar to your advantage, people quite often spells things wrong which leave them with less bidders. I normally only search for items by brand name and size, or by typing tags in for the style, such as vintage and rockabilly. Expand your search to get a stronger find.

2. Always check the description, read, re-read and just read again to make sure you have details of everything. If something is missing you want to know about the item, i.e. more photos or measurements, give them a message. If they want to sell the item for the best price it is in their interest to reply!

3. Check the feedback of the seller. I would much rather trust a purchase from someone with a lot of feedback who has good comments from their previous sales.

4. Always use PayPal, it's quicker which means you will get your item a lot faster (for those like me who want it now! Haha. I am far too impatient) and it means both you and the seller will be protected in case anything goes wrong.

These few simple steps will increase your bidding success and help you become a stronger member of the eBay community. After all, you can pick up some brand new bargains for around a fiver! What's to complain about that?

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