Monday, 18 February 2013

Weekly adorations #2

So this week I have been thankful for:

1. Old lady shops. I have no idea how I managed to buy a shirt from an old lady shop, but I did, for £10. And it looks amazing. I did have a battle with a biddy for it though. Whoops.
2. New Look. I haven't enjoyed New Look in such a long time but I feel everything I've got from there over the last four or five months has been excellent and fit perfectly - keep up the good work!
3. Going to work an hour earlier. This seems like a really silly idea but actually arriving in work an hour early means I've started eating breakfast and being able to sit and study in quiet.
4. Collage apps on my iPhone, I never knew these existed and wondered how people had great shots - now I know!
5. Last but not least, and featured on my last post: Chai tea latte and my wedding in five weeks - totally goes without saying!


  1. 'battled with a biddy' hehehee.
    when i came to uni no one knew what a biddy was! haha. :)

    if you have photos on your laptop you want to do a collage with use picmonkey :) thats where i've started doing mine :) X X X

    1. Aw thanks hun, that's a fab tip! :)
      I can't believe no else knows what a biddy is haha xo

  2. I agree, New Look sizes are great :) xx