Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My weekly adorations

I've decided to do a mini-appreciation blog/my weekly adorations, sort of my favourites of the week but a little more in depth.

1. Costa Coffee opening in my town. Now I'm usually a Starbucks kinda girl but having to travel 20 mins to get a coffee does seem inappropriate. Now I can have a quick 5 min walk to my local Costa, which isn't all bad actually. My first love is for chai tea lattes.
2. Getting married in 7 weeks. I know sometimes I'm going on a rant about my wedding but I'm super excited! It will only be a small do, and then we fly to China immediately afterwards to stay with the in-laws. I'm really excited to do a haul post of cosmetics and accessories I'll be bringing back.
3. My two-week old blog! I've really enjoyed my blogging experience so far and the feedback I've received from other bloggers and my readers is really appreciated. I'm happy that I have reached 20 followers so quickly!
4. Cute Paperchase stationary. This is always at the forefront of my mind as I love anything cute and kawaii. Having a cute pen and notebook has really made making lists for China a much more enjoyable experience.
5. Having a MacBook. This has made my life so much easier for University work and blogging. It's helpful as the Open University allow you to download all their textbooks, enabling me to open a textbook and have notes on screen at the same time - although that means less cute stationary for me!

I hope you enjoy my weekly adorations xo

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