Tuesday, 5 February 2013

MUA Pro-Base Conceal and Brighten Kit

I bought this concealer palette after having an extremely bad winter acne breakout; something I have never had before and which has caused me to have a fringe cut back in! Anyway, I have quite fair skin with an olive tint so I thought I would try the porcelain-beige shade. 

Normally I don't have the need to apply concealer and have been lucky to have relatively blemish free skin which is covered with a BB cream. Having the mid-twenties acne getting me down I decided to bite the bullet so to speak and impulsively buy a concealer palette. 

I was happily surprised with this one. Although extremely cheap, as most MUA products are, I find it is real value for money. The concealer is quite thick and has a very nice creamy consistency which is great for blending. I find shade one is suitable for my forehead and chin, and use the second shade for my nose. I have experimented a little with the highlighting shade three on my cheekbones but must admit I'm not overly hyped about this one. 

However, saying that, it has definitely done the trick as a camouflage concealer and lucky for me you can no longer see my raised, red acne ridden scarring!

As you can see, there is only little variation in the pigmentation, but this is just from one swipe. 

To finish my look, I apply a little BB cream over the top and finish with the MUA matte powder.

What do you think to the MUA range?


  1. Looks pretty good espesh for the price. I'm a fan of MUA :] x

    1. I am, I find their products work just as well as the high end ones! x