Sunday, 24 February 2013

How cost effective are your clothes?

Have you ever wondered how cost effective your clothes are? I have been thinking about this more and more over the weekend after watching a documentary on Really about being in debt and being an over spender. After seeing a girl get herself into £52k's worth of debt because she liked designer gear even if it wasn't in her size. This actually scared me that it could be a route that a lot of bloggers may end up going down. So why not work out whether something you will buy will be cost effective and earn it's worth with each wear?

For example, take a shirt I bought in the sale the other week for £10. To make it cost effective it needs to be able to be worn many times and in different ways (I'll be doing a 'one shirt, 5 ways' post shortly).

If you divide the shirt by the times it has been worn that will give you the total per wear, if you get my drift. So far, I've worn it twice which means it's cost £5 per wear. Ideally to make something cost effective, I would like it to cost around £2 or less per wear. Luckily the shirt I've bought will get worn a lot so it should eventually cut back to 50p!

I find the best way to find cost effective clothing is to buy from eBay, that was you can spend less than a tenner on a item of clothing and therefore divide it more to make it work better.

Saying that, I have just bought a dress that cost £41.90 (which is well over my budget for anything), even if I wore it frequently it would take a while to make it cost effective.

I've decided that after my honeymoon I'll be going on a spending cut and feel like I could use this method to see whether I can spend less on pretty dresses!

Would you ever use this tactic when buying clothing? Do you think you could make this work for you? I'd be really interested to find out.


  1. I always work out price-per-wear, it not only makes me think about how much i'm spending much more but it makes me only spend a lot on the stuff I know i'm going to use loads and loads... it's a good way to think!

    Sophs xx
    The Sopho Diaries

  2. i ALWAYS do this too. and never spend more than a tenner on ONE PIECE. your £41 dress is adorable though, but.. you'll be wearing it to bed to get value out of it!

  3. Great post and has inspired me to look at my spending actually! I am trying to be good at the mo anyway so trying not to spend but rather than just grab something off the rails and head to the till I am going to work out if I will get my moneys worth!



  4. This was really interesting! I do think about this a lot and even more so since I started using eBay. I saw a lovely Jones and Jones backless dress (which I posted about a while ago) and it was on the website for £60.00. Just by chance, I searched for it on eBay and someone was selling it so I bid and ended up getting it brand new (with tags) for £30!! I wore it once on a special night out and knew I wouldn't wear it again .. so I sold it on for £20! I was so happy with that! I think £10 per wear for a special night out dress is really good :)

  5. Yes! I've been working out my 'price per wear' now for a while. There's nothing that makes me feel guiltier than wearing something once that i shelled out a lot for.

    To be super cost effective, buy cheap on eBay and sell it on for hopefully more on eBay. So many times I have actually earned money on a piece of clothing that I've worn numerous times.

    Great when it works that way!
    Great post!

  6. I've never considered clothes in price per wear before but that's a really good way of looking at it. My problem is i'm a bargain fiend but i don't know when to stop. I have more clothes than hangers!

    Great post and lovely blog.


  7. this is such a good post - i try and do it when i spend a lot of money, e.g. my uggs, which i wear at least 150 times a year, they last around 2-3 years which makes them about 50p a wear... i can manage that! :) X X X

  8. I never do this but I definitely should! I tend to shop with my heart rather than my head!

  9. I always look into charity shops for bits and pieces, so my clothes do tend to be cost effective.. I am guilty of blowing more than I should in Primark though, as you'll probably find out. Yeeps! x

  10. This is such a great idea! I've just ordered a shirt that I fell in love with last week. Initially my reaction was that it was a bit pricey considering I don't wear shirts all that often, but saying that my shirts are from Primark so not the best quality. I had a serious think and have planned a few outfits I can wear the shirt with which convinced me to buy. The only thing I think of cost per wear with is the first ever more expensive jacket I bought from Topshop. It was £50 and actually Mum gave me some money towards it. But I have worn it so many times that I definitely got my moneys worth. It's so nice when that happens! Although I'd dread to think how many items in my wardrobe haven't worked out to be cost effective...

    - Tabitha at x

    Woah, sorry for the long comment! I guess I just got carried away cos I really enjoyed this post!

    1. Thank you so much for the comment! It means a lot that you've really read my post and got into the idea of things! Especially as I've been reading your blog for quite some time hehe x