Thursday, 28 February 2013

A new hair revelation: fringe/bang extensions!

I've lived my life wishing I had a fuller fringe for years. I know this is a problem for other bloggers out there, and since New Girl hit the scene it's left me with a gaping hole in my heart (and my hair!) wondering why I don't look anything like the amazingly beautiful Zooey Deschanel.

Oh the girl love for her.

I have fairly thing hair but a lot of it, but it gets greasy. Hence the fringe problem. I HATE gappy fringes and greasy hair. I also have recently had a lot of acne on my forehead (mature-teenage acne for those asking!) and it's left me pretty self-concious as I've tried a few products but none seem to work. The fringe is excellent for covering up my scars.

No matter how much dry shampoo I apply to my fringe it still looks a mess, all thin and rat-tail like. The only thing I could do was grow my fringe out and hopefully end up with another nice-ish style. 

NOT NOW. (Yes I know I'm sounding like a TV advert).

I've discovered fringe extensions. Not only fringe extesions on clips, but on hair bands. Now I'm a big fan of bringing the sixties back and my hair looks so much fuller and retro with a hair band as well. The best part is no one can actually tell when it's on. The hair is synthetic and can be washed with normal shampoo and just left to dry like hair extensions. They are not suitable for heated products like straighteners or curling tongs however, they are straight on their own so do not need extra maintenance.

I've found the best place to buy these is from China via eBay for a few pounds (depending on the seller). A total bargain for the amount I will actually wear it (thinking of accessories also being cost effective!) and the confidence it will give me.

Just look how cheery I am now I have a full fringe - CHEESE!


  1. I love Zooey! These are so cool, nice find! x

  2. haha a winge! (wig-fringe) tehe. i might get me one! X X

  3. You know, I've been thinking about having a fringe chopped in for so long now - I'm thinking it might be an idea to buy one of these just to experiment with how I feel about having a fringe again! :-)

    P.S I have so much love for Zooey, she's a total love!

  4. It actually looks pretty damn good! I cut my fringe back in because trying to grow it out gave me mild rage! Just can't do it! xxx

  5. Oh wow I've been contemplating a fringe for a while, may try this out, just to see! X

  6. As I've just cut my fringe, I'm huge on fringes at the moment. I love the fact girls who usually can't enjoy a fringe due to hair styling can do now. That and they feel like hair which I was worried about -- I thought somehow it would feel like plastic. I think you should be a spokesperson for these, ha. x

  7. This is SUCH an amazing idea! Obviously I can't work a fringe because of my mentally curly curls. Did this stop me a few years ago? No. I looked MENTAL. A ringlet curtain across my forehead. This is a much better solution- and you look beaut!xxx