Tuesday, 19 February 2013

50 things about me...

Well I thought it was about time I jumped on the bandwagon and did the 50 things about me tag! So here we go! I doubt any of these will be interestsing....

1. My favourite band is Funeral for a Friend.
2. My favourite song is Juneau by above said band.
3. In 2012 I dyed my hair at least five different bright colours.
4. I'm an Open University student.
5. My degree is in Humanities but I enjoy the fact this can be made up of the most random modules: classical studies and Chinese.
6. I speak Mandarin.
7. My best friend used to laugh at me when I sniffed Chinese boys in the lift of our old flat.
8. I used to want a one night stand with a Chinese boy so I could have a mixed race baby.
9. I am now marrying a Chinese boy (5 weeks!); no babies yet though.
10. I have an ever changing fashion sense.
11. I am pretty girly, I love everything vintage, lacy, baking, you name it.
12. I never thought I had a talent until I discovered blogging.
13. I recently moved back in to my parents house after living on my own for six years.
14. I will probably never own my own house.
15. My full time job is a secretary, but I teach English in my spare time.
16. Teaching has always been my passion, it's just taken this long to discover it.
17. I used to lack confidence until last year, not sure it was hitting 27 that did it.
18. I adore horror movies.
19. I will ONLY watch horror movies, unless I'm in the mood for something else.
20. I suffer with anxiety so bad that I can't go to the cinema, this really depresses me.
21. I'm 5'9 and a size 16, with size 7/8 feet. I am pretty massive.
22. My favourite colour is nude, my boy says this is a 'meaty colour'. He is odd.
23. I used to be heavily into video gaming.
24. My favourite games are Silent Hill and Skyrim.
25. I have an obsession for anything Asian. This used to solely be Japan but I've expanded my horizons.
26. I plan on moving to the north of China within the next five years.
27. My Chinese name is Qian Ru, my mother-in-law gave me this name.
28. I love Korean movies.
29. I own more dresses than anything else in my wardrobe.
30. I only own two pair of heels, one of which I haven't worn, and the other I fell over in.
31. My family live all over the world, I have a brother in Australia and a brother and sister in South Africa.
32. I don't like it when people ask if my glasses are real, they are, I can't see a thing without them.
33. I have a broad Yorkshire accent, which I think is why I won't do vlogs.
34. I've always wanted a tattoo but never got one.
35. It took me almost 10 years before I had the confidence to have my lip pierced, then I became addicted to piercings.
36. I have no patience whatsoever.
37. I am quite ditsy.
38. I've never read 50 Shades of Grey and have no intention.
39. I love anything with a print.
40. My bedroom looks extremely shabby.
41. I only own one MAC product, and that's my Ruby Woo lipstick.
42. I prefer to buy more for my money than own one expensive item.
43. I think I'm a bit of a thrifty shopper.
44. I wanted to be an Interior Designer growing up.
45. I can't drive/won't drive.
46. My favourite animal is a panda.
47. I have poor money management skills, I really need to improve on this.
48. I have an addiction to Temple Run 2 and Candy Saga.
49. My iPhone is never out of my hand.
50. I always wait until my nail varnish chips right off before I change it!

I actually found this quite hard and I know my answers are a little weird too! Oopsie. Re-reading my answers actually makes me look like I wish I was a Chinese girl haha. x


  1. I thought you must be part Chinese! this all makes more sense now! x

    1. Haha everyone thinks that! Just me, slightly obsessed :) xo

  2. Can't believe you used to sniff boys in your lift, haha!! I love a Yorkshire accent, you should try a vlog anyway! xx

    1. Haha I know, reading that now makes me wish I hadn't posted it! x

  3. You speak Mandarin? That's amazing! I had one lesson once and I couldn't get my head around the four different tone things - blew my mind.
    I speak a little Korean but that seems much simpler - all their symbols are phonetic which makes it possible to pronounce things and there's none of the tonal variations of Mandarin.
    I gotta say super congratulations for being able to speak any Mandarin as it seemed impossible for me to comprehend anyone who hadnt been brought up with it learning it!

    1. I do! But only because I have to, it's definitely not a language I would have picked if I had the option, I'd probably have gone for Japanese! :)