Sunday, 20 January 2013

I think the Dr. Martens sale has had me...

Having been an avid fan of Dr. Martens for quite some time now, and my Ugg boots falling a bit thin for this horrendous winter weather, I thought I would have a sneak peak on their UK store site. I must admit, I was definitely not let down with the new amazing vast range they have, and how up to date and bang on trend it currently is. 

I'm usually very fussy when it comes to wearing boots and can never find a suitable style so usually stick to brogues or ballet pumps. Highly unorthodox for this time of year. 

Having browsed the site and probably having around 10 pairs of boots in my online basket at the time, I came across these beauties. (Actually my mom owns three pairs now too!). 

Lets say a HUGE welcome to Juney!
(Now I know both pairs aren't exactly super clean and are a bit scuffed, but I think they look a little better this way!)

I've actually seen these being worn in two different ways, high up or rolled down in an Ugg boot style. 

Now I wasn't too sure about these when I bought them, but having bought both pairs at £85 I am truly glued to them. I don't think I've left the house since the beginning of January without a pair on. 

Now following Dr. Marten tradition, their boots are normally rock hard and ruin your feet until broken in somewhat months later. I didn't have this problem with these boots, much to my happiness. Also, they are fur lined too which is fantastic for this time of year. Oh and also, the standard Dr. Marten's rubber sole which means (touch wood) I haven't slipped yet!

Definitely a pair well of well recommended boots (from both me and my mom!) which don't break the bank - they've been reduced to £60 on the site now!

Don't think twice, definitely invest in a pair, if not for this winter, for next.

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