Friday, 18 January 2013

About me

As an introduction to both my blog and myself, I thought it would be nice to have a little 'about me' post. 

I am, Michelle, a twenty-something *cough*, mature student from Leeds (studying Humanities), due to be married in approximately 9 weeks (I may use this as a bit of a countdown!). 

I've always had the time and inclination to blog, but never had any solid ideas set in stone. I've used Twitter for many years and have always followed the same blogs. It was tonight from advice of a fellow Tweeter and blogger that I decided I would give this a go.

So here we are!

My blog will be a usual lifestyle blog with a bit of a twist, I travel to Asia and Germany and hope to do a few posts in relation to that as well. I thoroughly enjoy Asian cosmetics and beauty so hope I will be able to many a haul for those. There will be a bit of fashion and beauty thrown in for good measure.

I look forward to my new adventure with you all!

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