Friday, 18 July 2014

Blogging with a baby.

I've been asking myself the same question over and over lately, how can I find time to do anything? Bringing up a baby is definitely a 24 hour, 7 day a week job. And yes I did used to laugh and call people ridiculous when they said that. I'm surprised I have time for anything these days. I have had to call off blogger meetings and events as I have mummy guilt and feel like I should spend my days constantly with him, that's something I need to adjust and get over. 

So being a  writer, student, blogger and full time stay at home mum, how do I manage to fit everything in?

Organise everything. This is something I've had to learn to deal with since I had baby brain in pregnancy. I need to constantly write things down and have a notebook to hand, cause if that thought comes into my head and its not written down, yep, it's gone for good. 

Make use of every moment. I've event resorted to blogging from my iPhone or iPad when I have a spare minute, I can't take advantage of time like I used to do. Sitting down for a cuppa can take hours, you make it, it goes cold, that's what I've had to become accustomed to drinking nowadays. I'll have just fed Dexter, and lo and behold it's four hours later and he's due his next feed. Time goes too fast. At the moment I'm lucky he has his night feed around 8pm which gives me a few hours to blog or catch up with emails/work in the evening. Same applies to the morning too, he usually sleeps until around 7am, has his breakfast, and then pops back to sleep until maybe 10-11am, which gives me a few hours to catch up with everything else. However, you can't judge time based on a baby, cause no doubt you will have something planned and something will crop up. 

The one handed technique. Having Dexter sat on my knee whilst I type. Either typing with one hand or managing to type with two whilst keeping him entertained. This is actually what I'm doing right now writing this post! He likes to watch me type, it's a good job really. 

Juggling a home/work/baby balance is proving hard for me at the moment, I just need to find myself and get into a routine. Everything is still very new to me. I can imagine once Uni starts again this year I'll be even more strapped for time, but at least Dexter will be a lot older and hopefully a lot easier to manage then.

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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My three go-to summer lipsticks.

I love lipsticks and lip glosses but I always seem to buy the same shades or wear the same shades. I seem to wear the same Sleek lipstick that I have done since last september (Exxxagerate, I've never reviewed it though!). It's such a gorgeous purple shade and seems to match everything I wear. Still going with the purple theme (I just can't get enough!) I've recently indulged myself and bought two more lipsticks. As the husband doesn't like me wearing purple, and thinks red is more my thing, I picked up an orange-red shade lipstick from Topshop when I headed over to Harrogate a while back. These make up my three go-to summer shades. Here they are:

MAC - Up the Amp. £15.
Topshop - Rio Rio. £8.
Make Up Revolution - Depraved. £1. 

I don't find myself having to stick to one make up brand, I like to try out new things, especially lipsticks. It's rare that I will pay £15 for a MAC lipstick, but this was a beauty that I wear frequently so the price ticket can be justified. The last MAC lipstick I bought was Rebel, but when I had orange hair it didn't suit me so that went on eBay!

Monday, 14 July 2014

All the lime, all the time.

I love lime green, I have done for years. I just really, really wanted to find a jacket that would match my awesome bag I picked up from Simply Be. I tweeted asking if anyone knew where I could find one, then decided to look for one myself. Within ten minutes I'd bought this gorgeous crepe jacket from Boohoo's plus size range. I was a little dubious how good of quality it would be, but I was pretty happy with it when it turned up. And it matches my bag exactly

Please excuse my face. I always seem to be stood in the light and I'm really sensitive to it. I always look moody and blind. 

Stud detail bag - Simply Be - was £35.00, now £18.50.
Inspire black cross back vest - New Look - £6.99.
Inspire navy denim jeggings - New Look - £17.99. 
Gold chain multi row necklace - New Look - £7.99. 
Suzie oversized slouch blazer - Boohoo - £25.00.
Flatform gladiator sandals - Primark - £10.00.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Plus Size Pre-Party | Leeds

I attended the amazing plus size pre-party back in the middle of June. The idea behind the party was to get everyone excited for Plus North, a plus size event happening in August. And yep, we all got super excited at what was to offer! The pre-party was hosted by Sarah from Sad Excuse of a Girl who had done a fantastic job of organising everyone, and the brands that attended the party. This post will be super image heavy as I wanted to show individual aspects of the day. 

The event was held at Belgrave Music Hall in Leeds, somewhere I've never been to before, but will definitely be going again! Not only do they serve great drinks (I paid 30p for a lime and lemonade, say whutttttttt?!) but they have a canteen downstairs serving Patty and Bun, and Dough Boys pizzas too. The place was simply heaven. They even have a roof terrace with beach huts! Oh, and they serve slushy cocktails...

Pastille Beauty Salon were there doing their dash manicures. I opted for peach with a matte coat and it looked fantastic. The ladies kindly donated a £5.00 voucher in our goody bags too! (I didn't managed to take a photo of the goody bag itself but we got some amazing vouchers and goodies in there!). Christina from Forever Living was also there giving demonstrations on her aloe vera products which I can't wait to give a try, they look amazing; and not just skincare products either, I even sampled an aloe vera shot! It didn't taste too bad, and they do say beauty starts from within. Simply Be, the sponsors for Plus North, were there showcasing some of their beachwear and key summer pieces. I really admire how three ladies, including our hostess with the mostess, modelled their pieces; it's really nice to see how products fit on real life women. 

Lets come to the food, oh the food! I mentioned Dough Boys earlier, they were kind enough to offer us boxes upon boxes of pizza for £3 per head. A bargain price for amazing pizza. I'm boring so I only eat pizza from our local takeaway or Pizza Hut and I have no idea why, nothing compared to their pizza. I certainly chowed down on that one. The lovely Roast + Conch, part of Hotel Chocolat, popped up to give us a little talk on chocolate, and why we should all check out a restaurant dedicated to chocolate. I must admit, I've already popped in a few times beforehand for hot chocolate and pastries but have never experienced their restaurant. We were lucky enough to receive a 50% off voucher and free chocolate inspired cocktail voucher in our goody bag so this is certainly on my to do list! They also donated a prize of afternoon tea to the best dressed person in attendance, and oh that was me! Yep, I can't wait to have their afternoon tea, the menu looks amazing. They also brought us down a few tasters for us to try, and chocolate, always the chocolate. 

I've probably forgotten so much that happened that day, but it was one of the best meet ups I've been to. It was fantastic to meet a whole new bunch of bloggers and get excited for Plus North! A big thank you to all the brands and folks who came along with demonstrations.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Plus Size Pre-Party | #OOTD

So I attended the plus size pre-party a while back, and this was an event hosted by Sarah from Sad Excuse of a Girl to get us all excited about Plus North happening in August. Yep, it got us really excited! I'll explain more about that in my post later. Just a quicky here to show what I wore on the day. Oh and I was voted as best dressed(!) and I won afternoon tea at Roast + Conch. Super excited about that! I think it was the necklace that swayed it for everyone.

Glasses - Specsavers (a few people have been asking!).
Necklace - ASOS - old. 
Kimono - New Look, £19.99 (I only bought this a few weeks back but it's already sold out on their site).
Camisole - George at Asda, 2 for £4.00 (black and white).
Eden Jeggings - Dorothy Perkins, £20.00 (£18.00 with NUS discount). 

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Favourite new beauty additions.

I recently bought a few bits and pieces from the Body Shop after they had an online offer on of spend £40 and save £20. I couldn't really say no to this so decided to snap up a few key skincare pieces. One of which was the camomile make up remover. I've seen loads of bloggers rave about this product so I thought I would have to give it a go. Truth be told that before I bought this I didn't own any kind of make up remover product and have simply used face cleansing wipes to remove make up and then wash my face with face wash to remove any residue. However, this has been wrecking my face and leaving it pretty sensitive amongst yanking a few eyelashes out in the process, I decided this needed to stop hence the purchase. It's simply amazing! Apply a small amount of the product on to a cotton wool ball and wipe your mascara off with a few wipes. Brilliant. I've also been using this to remove lipstick as well as some lipsticks stain quite heavily and when washed off leave quite a lot of staining to my lip area. I'm so happy with this product!

Another product I've been using a lot lately is the Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer. I'm funny about changing up my skincare regime as I have really sensitive skin and often when I try new products I have allergies around my area which cause them to swell and water, it's pretty nasty and equally as annoying! After seeing that they had released the product for dry and sensitive skin I thought I would give it a try. Another product which I had managed to avoid the blogger hype until now. I picked this up on offer from Boots for £3.99 so I didn't mind so much if it didn't work. And it does work! I'm so happy about that. If I'm wearing make up that day I will avoid moisturising and apply this instead. It soaks in lovely and leaves my skin feeling hydrated without feeling oily and leaves a really nice primed base for my foundation. 

These two will definitely be on my repurchasing list!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Mellow Treats | Harrogate

Whilst in lovely Harrogate walking around the shopping centres (malls to you USA folk) I came across a little stall selling Bomb Cosmetics. I've only recently started using Bomb Cosmetics but they have an amazing range of bath bombs, soaks, and a zillion other luxury items. I'm really sensitive to bath bombs, soaps and other toiletries and I've found these are the only brand I can continually use without having my skin turn into a wreck, unlike Lush products unfortunately. So anyway returning to the story, I got chatting to the man running the stall who told me they have a shop called Mellow Treats further down the road where they have a whole wall of Bomb Cosmetic treats. Well I had to find the place didn't I! 

Not only do they stock Bomb Cosmetics but a whole array of brands and items, along with rubber ducks! I bought plenty to keep me going (which will be coming up in blog posts over the next few months) and lots of different items I've never even heard of!

I was really excited to try a new product. It's a fragranced candle but with a twist, when you melt the 'wax' it's not actually wax at all but a combination of almond oil and shea butter with a fragrance that you can pour onto the skin! I tested a small amount on my hands which left them feeling silky soft without feeling oily, and my hands felt amazing for the rest of the day. From a small tin (£9.99) you can get four whole body applications. I also picked up a moisture bar too. After having a bad experience of using Nivea's shower cream and almost slipping when pregnant, I decided to give this a go. Just have a quick rub all over after your shower and your skin is silky soft, without leaving all the awful residue. I'll be doing more detailed posts on these products later. 

But yes, the shop is absolutely amazing and stocks to many luxury bath time treats that I will actually just be going back to Harrogate for another visit! 

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