Logitech Hinge iPad Mini Case* | Review

After spending time in hospital and having a slow recovery afterwards (fingers crossed that after a couple of months I'm doing a lot better!) I've spent a lot of time being super lazy in bed. Well, not super lazy but recovering, at least that's what I like to call it, hehe. So, I've been spending a lot of time catching up on outstanding TV series, and reading some of my favourite magazines on my iPad mini so that I don't distract Dexter. 

The folks over at Logitech have developed some new super iPad cases with fashion-forward thinking, and I definitely think the Hinge flexible iPad case with multi-angle stand reflects this with it's stylish and spill proof fabric. What I really like about the fabric is that it wouldn't look out of place on your shelf, ideal for those who have a large collection of books. As I said above, the fabric casing is spill proof which is part of their 'essential protection system' also including both scratch and bump resistant. Ideal for when Dexter gets his hands on it and starts throwing it around, much like my iPhone. Although saying that, I've now bought him his own... 

Most iPad covers have set angles at which you can have your iPad, mainly for laying on a desk at the optimal angle for typing or watching a movie without too much interference from light. However, the Hinge, as the name suggests, has hinge action built into the cover itself so that you personally can choose your optimal angle without the case collapsing and falling over under the iPad's weight.

I'm really impressed with this product, the fact you can adjust the angle to suit your needs really gets me. It's perfect for me to adjust when I'm catching up with shows in bed (yes American Horror Story: Coven, I mean you. I know I'm a year late but whatever!) so that I don't distract Dexter when he's sleeping. And also when I'm reading magazines or doing any University reading. I'm slightly behind on my module coursework at the moment but I know that this will be an absolute Godsend when I catch up, I have all my books in PDF format so it's ideal for popping on the desk whilst I'm making notes. 

You can buy the case from Logitech here, at £54.99. The case also comes in two colours, light brown (like mine) or mid-grey. 
*The Hinge Flexible iPad Case with Multi-Angle Stand from Logitech was sent to me free of charge, all opinions in this blog post are my own. 

Things you forget | First Aid Kits

There are so many things you have to think about when you first have a baby; the main question over and over again is 'do I have everything I need?' and you will most surely think yes. What more could you need? You have a million and one baby grows, numerous toys, nappies and baby wipes are checked, so what more could there be? You've probably forgotten about the first aid kit, and yes, rightly so as it's not on your list of priorities for the time being, but it actually should be. You probably won't need this until your child is older and toddling about when they start getting scrapes, but what about for you too? Baby brain kicks in an whoops you've just poured a kettle of water all over yourself and put baby milk in your coffee. That happened to me numerous times...

I dread to think what is lurking in the back of my 'first aid/medicine' cabinet. Oh no, it's not a small bathroom cabinet with lotions and potions, but a whole kitchen cupboard full of out of date serums and medication. I'd rather not look to be honest. No doubt in my head that there won't be the essentials though.

I couldn't possibly think of what I would need in a first aid kit? Plasters, bandages, creams? And the little things that you will probably forget such as eye wash and tapes. It's much easier to buy a first aid kit really, and that's where this nifty little gadget comes in. This kid's first aid kit from Premier Healthcare & Hygiene covers everything, and comes in a neat little bag making it ideal to have in your car, in your cupboard, or even in your handbag! (It's small and compact).  

2 x alcohol free wipes
9 x creature plasters (these are awesome!)
1 x 5cm conforming bandage
a pair of vinyl gloves
1 x 5cm x 5cm low adherent dressing
1 x triangular bandage
1 x 1.25cm x 5m microporous tape 
2 x 20ml eye wash pods 

You really have everything but the kitchen sink in here, and there is extra room in the bag itself to put a few essentials in that you might require. I've popped a pair of small scissors and an antiseptic cream in (just in case).
*The kid's first aid kit was sent to me free of charge. Opinions in the review are my own. 

Bee Good | Honey & Propolis 2-in-1 Cream Cleanser and Honey & Wild Flax Daily Moisturiser

I love the Bee Good range and they are super popular again on the blogosphere at the moment so I've decided to give you all another review of their products. My first review was their honey and vanilla lip balm, and wild water mint cleanser which can be found here. I've since added a couple of new products to my collection being the honey and propolis 2-in-1 cream cleanser and the honey and wild flax daily moisturiser. 

The honey and propolis 2-in-1 cleanser comes in a really easy to open and use tube along with muslin cloth to clean the skin afterwards. I've been using this cleanser as a replacement for the Espa hydrating cleansing milk as it's less harsh to my skin and leaves it feeling a lot softer and soothed afterwards. I find it completely removes all my make up, including the stubborn Benefit They're Real push-up liner which is a bugger to remove, without being too harsh and leaving my skin sore and dry. The muslin cloth is a lovely touch to leaving your skin feeling polished and perfected afterwards. The cream cleanser contains propolis which is known for it's antibacterial properties, and I can say I haven't been breaking out as much lately. I've normally used this as a two-step evening regime. 

Afterwards I've been applying the honey and wild flax daily moisturiser. The moisturiser is intended for normal to dry combination skin and can leave my skin quite oily. Because of this I decided to use it as an evening cream, or when my skin has felt like it really needs a burst of hydration and I'm not too bothered about the oil slick. I have noticed that my skin feels a lot more hydrated and softer in the morning; and yet again this product contains propolis so along with the cream cleanser has helped to keep all those pesky spots at bay. 

Both of these products can be bought from the Bee Good website, the cream cleanser comes in at £11.50* but you only need a small amount of product to last a long way so 100ml will last a couple of months. The hydrating moisturiser is a little more expensive at £19.50* for 50ml, but as an evening cream and applying only once daily this would last a long time for me. I think I would mainly use both of these products together when my skin is breaking out, so will be especially good over the winter months for that burst of hydration. 
*This post contains PR sample(s) or has been written in collaboration, all opinions are my own. 

European Beauty Haul | Munich

Whilst I was in Munich I had to pick a few (or a lot) of beauty buys, because I love European brands and you can't buy many of these in the UK. Such a shame. 

I expected the Essence cosmetics over there to be a lot different than the ones released over here, but they are exactly the same and I was a little disappointed. My haul would just be the exact same as any other Essence haul to be honest. But I still love their cosmetics anyway! I picked up their blonde highlighter and bronzer which suits my skin perfectly. I always struggle with bronzers just in case I look really dark. I picked up their Pure Skin compact powder in the lightest shade, this provides a matte finish to my make up and stops my T-zone becoming oily. Lastly I picked up one of their liquid eye liners, I haven't had chance to use this yet but I'm sure I will need a lot of practice with this. The brush is really nice though. 

I bought a couple of Manhattan products too, both foundations. It's the first time I've been able to find a foundation that fits my tanned summer skin, and this was amazing. I chose their long-lasting endless stay tube, and an easy match foundation in a pump dispenser. I've used both and they are great. They don't slip and slide, and they are medium coverage but are buildable too. 

I only picked up one product from Catrice this time, they had so many that I couldn't decide what I wanted. I opted for their lashes to kill mascara. The brush on this isn't plastic and the fibres sometimes make the mascara clog up, but the consistency is easy to work with which I like. I find I have to apply a couple of coats but then my eyelashes are thick and bolder. 

I picked up a Heidi Klum for Astor nude lipstick. This lipstick is quite a light nude and works well if you want to hide your lips. It's really creamy and applies well, and leaves a little sheen too; it also leaves your lips feeling super hydrated. There isn't much lasting power on the lipstick and you do have to apply it quite a few times during the day, but I'm used to this. I must admit I don't like it as much as the lipstick below. 

I bought another nude lipstick (I told you I had an obsession), this time from the P2 collection. This is the perfect nude to match my lips and is a little darker than the Astor one. It's really similar to the Astor one, creamy application, leaves your lips feeling hydrated, and just overall looks lovely. Again, you do have to apply it a few times during the day, but this doesn't really bother me. I can safely say this (and the Illamasqua Glamore Nude in Minx) are my two favourite nudes. You can't really beat these!

Baby Towels to Bunting | DIY Tutorial

I had initially wanted my first DIY sewing tutorial to be a new dress that I was hoping to work on, but after my trip to hospital and numerous infections (thanks ME) I thought I would ease myself in with a little tutorial on how to make bunting from old baby towels. 

When you're pregnant and sign up to numerous goody bags you end up with millions of tiny baby towels with hoods. Now Dexter is 10 months old they don't fit, and it seemed a waste to get rid of them. My initial idea to was to make a load of face flannels but this was really boring, so I thought I would make some decorative bunting for his bedroom. 

What you will need:
Old baby towels, dye (I used Dylon hand dyes in bahama blue and ocean blue - I picked these up for £3 each from Wilko), string, mini pegs (just as a cute added extra), and a sewing machine (you can hand sew too but this will take an age). 
So really hardly much is used, but it makes quite a difference. 

Step 1: to start, dye your old towels. Towels are really easy to dye and it makes quite a lot of difference. 

Step 2: cut out a template triangle for your bunting, I cut up an old box and used the template from there. Make sure you give a cm gap around the edge for when the sides are folded over. You can also leave another cm length at the top for folding over the string afterwards if you wish. 
It also doesn't matter how many you cut from your towel, ensure you have an even number of one colour, and an odd number of the other colour (I cut out 10 and 9). 
Also, give your towel triangles a good shake outside before sewing them as there is a lot of mess from the cutting. 

Step 3: cut the corners off each triangle to make a straight edge, when folded up and matched edge to edge this will leave a triangle corner, it just stops there being a whole lot of fabric building up and getting caught under the foot of the sewing machine. 

Step 4: pull down the sides of the triangles by a cm each side to make at the edging neat. I used standard straight stitching for this but my new sewing machine has a fancy option for numerous zig zag stitches would have looked awesome in several colours. 

Step 5: now you've sewn all your triangles, you can attach the string. As I said earlier you will have an extra long side to fold over the string and sew. Make sure you do this with alternating colours. For my bunting I decided to use mini pegs over the top too because I think they are super cute and just add a little bit more for a baby's room. 

There you have your bunting in a few easy steps, if you don't have a sewing machine it's still easily achievable with hand stitching, it just takes a lot of time. 

My new sewing machine is courtesy of Hobbycraft, and I couldn't thank them enough. All my previous sewing has been done on my mum's 40 year old sewing machine that weighs more than a person and is the most difficult piece of equipment to use. I opted for the Brother LS14 as this is a make we are both familiar with (I did consult my mum on which was the best to pick as she is a sewing guru and has been making her own clothes as well as mine since she was a teenager!), the size is perfect for quick and easy use and ideal small storage too, but has a lot more features than our old sewing machine. There are several stitch types (I love the zig zag stitching) and I've been having a good old play with this to get used to it. It's so easy to thread, and the DVD guide that comes with it instead of a manual is a lot easier to understand too. It's a great machine to have if you're a first time sewer because of it's simplicity, and even as a child's first sewing machine because it's very sturdy and hardy. There are few mistakes you can make with this sewing machine. 

My mum even had a play around with it and loves the reverse stitching button, her old machine has a large clunky button that you have to hold in and that's not simple to use with arthritic hands so this was ideal for her. Looks like I'll be buying her one to replace the one I 'borrowed' a few years back. 

It's currently in the sale for £69 with free delivery, and I think that's an absolute bargain for a machine. 
*This post contains PR sample(s) or has been written in collaboration, all opinions are my own. 

Make Up Rumours | Dazzle Eyeshadow Palette

This is the last in my series of the Make Up Rumours posts, and I've had lots of fun writing them too. I decided that I would try several different products to give an un-biased review on them; so for the last product I bought, I opted for an eyeshadow palette (something I wouldn't normally use). 

I couldn't really make up my mind on what I wanted to buy, they have a large array of various eyeshadow palettes including afterdark, dazzle, glitter wheel and glitz. I opted for one of the dazzle palettes in shade 3. This is more of a gold/bronze palette, something that I haven't used before as I'm not 100% sure of how these shades would look on me; if I ever wear eyeshadow, it normally comes from a nude palette or I have a plain and boring smokey eye. As a mum, I find I don't have enough time to enjoy make up like I used to do, so generally become boring and stick to mascara, and maybe a line of eye liner when I feel up to it. 

The shades in the palette have a slight shimmer to them. The shades aren't labelled, just like the palettes, but here are my descriptions of the shades. From top to bottom in the image we have a bronzed olive shade, a very pale pastel mint green, bright shimmering gold, a pale cream, and lastly a bronze shade. 

I'm really quite disappointed in this product, and I didn't want this to be a negative review. There is quite a lot of fallout as you can see from the swatch image, and they don't apply smoothly either. I can say that a couple of them are highly pigmented and some of them don't even pay off at all. You can see from the palette that they aren't even pressed in properly. I have completely ruined the palette just from swiping my finger in the colour for swatches, it's interesting how it's only happened to a few of them so you can see from this I wasn't being heavy handed!

In all honesty I wouldn't buy any more of these palettes, the Dazzle collection are all priced at £1 and I think that pretty much explains the quality. I like their lipsticks, and I like their nail polishes but I don't think I would part with my pennies for much more of their collection as it doesn't really take my fancy. The palette was really awkward to get into, you would presume that you would open from the front, but it took me about an hour to work out it opened from the side. Overall this was a bad experience for me. 

Simple monochrome checks | feat. Olia necklace from Psyche

I don't really like catalogues coming through the post as they always entice me into buying new things, so normally I'll just bin them without having a look. For some unknown reason I decided not to throw out the latest Simply Be copy and had a little browse, that's where I came across these beautiful black and white tartan trousers. I fell in love and simply had to have them. After reading the reviews I decided to size up to a 22 just to make sure they were comfortable and I could move, the don't have a lot of stretch but just enough to make them manageable to wear. I am glad I did size up though. I can definitely see me wearing them a lot over the next season too, I'm really digging monochrome! 

I decided to team them with a new t-shirt I picked up from New Look Inspire's collection the other week; it's black chiffon to the front and grey jersey to the back. This makes it tighter at the back for a more fitted look, but the chiffon to the front is very flowing and just skims my tummy nicely. 

A nice monochrome look needs a bit of colour, so for the pop I decided to wear my favourite blazer, the beautiful neon pink one I picked up from River Island in spring. Oh and my trusty black Hamble Oak brogues from Clarks, it's true, I do live in these now. 

This was a perfect outfit to team with my new necklace; a beautiful black and gold square pendant by Olia, from Psyche. Psyche are department store based in the heart of Middlesbrough offering high-end designers both in store and online too, with the option of collection in store or delivery. They cater for men, women and children and offer plenty of designer's apparel. 

Black contrast chiffon front t-shirt - New Look Inspire - £14.99
Black pendant necklace by Olia - Psyche - £24.99*
Neon pink blazer - River Island - £30.00
*This post contains PR sample(s) or has been written in collaboration, all opinions are my own.