Thursday, 14 August 2014


Here is an old outfit of the day from Munich. I wore this dress during the 32 degree heat when we visited the Sea Life centre. I absolutely adore this dress, the cut is stunning and very flattering on my figure. Normally I have problems with maxi dresses and their length but because of the cut at the front it doesn't look too bad. 

The dress is a Simply Be galaxy print maxi dress that I bought from the fabulous Mrs BeBe in her blog sale. I wore the dress with a simple pair of black and silver buckle gladiator sandals that I bought from Primark a few years back.

Isar River | Munich (Photo Diary)

For Teas' Afternoon Tea | #NationalAfternoonTeaWeek

As it's National Afternoon Tea week, it seems the perfect time to write about all the loveliness I've been having lately. A week or so back I headed to another tea room in Keighley, this time being For Teas. The inspiration being the forties (can you see the pun now?). The tea room itself is quite small, and they were having a surprise vintage party that day, so we were rushed out quite quickly. It was awkward to get the pram in so maybe next time I wouldn't take Dexter with me. The service was a little brash and abrupt too, but I guess they were organising the birthday party so I'm willing to let them off with that.

Afternoon tea costs £9.99 and you get the usual: sandwiches, salad and crisps, pot of tea, scone with cream, fondant fancy, cake and a chocolate sweet treat. All served on a beautiful cake stand. The afternoon tea was simply divine, and I opted for corned beef and onion, and egg mayonnaise sandwiches. All were freshly made too. My dad had the most amazing milkshake covered in all kinds of sprinkles, strawberries, marshmallows and cream, and that tasted delicious too! 

Compared to some afternoon teas I've had before, this was absolutely delicious and well worth the money too. I would definitely go back, perhaps at a different time of year when they are less likely to be preparing for parties, etc. 

Festival face.

As some of you may have seen on Twitter, last weekend I headed off to Beacons Festival. We all know festival weather is pretty damn and this was no different, in fact we had Hurricane Bertha to hold off, and the worst thing you can have? Yep, that's your make up running down your face. I'm pretty lazy anyway and like to use the least amount of product possible that I can get away with, and these four products are perfect for travelling, definitely for festivals, and creating a simplistic, fresh-faced summer look. Oh, and they don't run either. 

First up is an amazing BB cream that covers everything, and happens to be the perfect shade for my skin. I received this in a MeMeBox (Korean beauty box) a while back (review here) and have used it a lot since. It's my go to BB cream when I'm lazy and can't be bothered with lots of base steps. It's made by Gowoonsesang (otherwise known as Dr. G), contains SPF 50 (perfect!), and costs around £20 for a 50ml product. This might be expensive to some, but as I've used it on an almost-daily basis for the past few months it's really lasting. 

The second on my list is Miner's Maxi mascara, the volumising one. There are a few mascaras in their Maxi range, another of my favourite being their waterproof one, but this is my favourite. Easy to apply, not too thin on the brush, and with great lasting power. You can go from morning to evening with this one in your kit. This costs around £3.50, so a great drug store price mascara for your collection

The MeMeMe coral blossom cheek tint is new to my collection as it's a new release product. It may be new, but it's easily becoming one of my favourite make up back staples. Although labelled as a cheek tint, it makes an excellent lip stain too, so two products for the price of one. It leaves a gorgeous light coral colour to your cheeks and brightens the complexion. Dab it on the lips for a little extra rosy colour. Perfect travel and festival staple. And at £5.50 it's a great price compared to similar cheek and lip tints on the market. 

Last on my list is the Benefit They're Real push up eye liner. Now I've read lots of different reviews on this product, some really hating the product and others really loving it. Now I personally love this product. I've been using the same Barry M Wink eye liner pen for the last (god knows how many) years because it's simply to apply, even for me. On a whim I bought this eye liner from a Cohort and it cost around £13 (I think) so I didn't feel too guilty if it wasn't that good. I was amazed when I tried it. It only took me a few seconds to apply a perfect winged line without any excess or drag, and that for me is something, I'm usually hopeless. I've worn the eye liner a few times now and can really highly rate it, the lasting power is great and it's a really dark matte black that stays for the day. I'll definitely be repurchasing this when it runs out, even though it does cost around £18.50 per go. 

What do you think to my four product festival face? Quick and simple, and easy to remove at the end of the day. 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

'Wish List Wednesday' Baby & Me | feat. Joules

I haven't created a wish list in absolutely ages, but these are my favourite posts! I'm excited for today's 'Wish List Wednesday' because it features one of my all time favourite British brands, Joules. I absolutely love their English heritage prints, and even more so now they are translated onto baby clothes too. I'm a bit of a fashion geek when it comes to baby clothes, and try to match Dexter's fashion as closely to mine as I can, perhaps with matching colours or prints. 

With autumn fast approaching (yes I know it's August but damn, haven't you looked outside?!) it's time for me to get out those seasonal hues of mustard and burgundy (which also happen to be the best colours of clothing don't you know?) out and have a play around with colour and print. I never used to be a fan of navy blue but I'm slowly finding it sneaking it's way into my wardrobe. It all started with a navy and white polka dot tea dress that I picked up at Beacons Festival, then a cardigan, then a pair of shoes, and it's multiplying. And you know what? I quite like it! 

So yes, I did mention a little earlier that I like to make Dexter into my twin, and thought that was easily reflected with the navy blue jacket and denim. I absolutely love quilted jackets, and he's now at that age (9 months!) where he can wear small people clothing and look quite good in them too. I had to pick the fox socks, I mean, who doesn't like fox print? 

The pheasant print tunic would look super with a thick pair of tights and tan boots, matched perfectly with the mustard cardigan and the navy blue leather saddle bag. For little bug I've checked out their amazing section of baby clothes and chosen a checked shirt with a pair of jersey jeans, a classic navy blue quilted jacket, and of course, the most super cute fox socks I've ever seen. 

PS: The jersey jeans are an absolute essential for any little ones who are starting to crawl, the stretchy material makes it so much easier for them to get around with! (Just a little momma top tip there!). 
*This is a PR collaborative post. 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Afternoon Tea | Roast + Conch, Leeds

Last weekend myself and the lovely Faith from Music and Eyeliner headed over to Roast and Conch in Leeds for the most delightful and delicious afternoon tea. If you regularly read my posts you may have seen that as best dressed at the Plus Size Pre-Party, I won the afternoon tea! I'm such a lucky lady. 

So we headed along to the restaurant (after heading to tyne newly opened Kiko!) and got ourselves sat comfortably for the first round of afternoon tea... The afternoon tea comes in 'two rounds', firstly the sandwiches which included mackerel pate on cocoa nib bread, beef and white chocolate horseradish on cocoa nib bread, and an aubergine concoction on the same bread. (I can't exactly remember what everything was and I can't find the afternoon tea menu online either so I'll just wing this.) Oooh I forgot to mention as well the super amazing folks even amended our menu slightly to include gluten free options too, the service was so fantastic. The sandwiches were extremely filling and quite rich, but tasted absolutely delicious! With this course I had a jasmine tea infused white hot chocolate, I seriously couldn't fault this at all, but Faith said it felt like she was drinking plants!

The second round of afternoon tea came full of sweet treats! Two chocolate shots arrived, which were just mini milkshakes, but gosh you could really taste the chocolate. The top layer had gluten free treats on, and the chef had just made the gluten free chocolate muffin there and then, so kind! The chocolates were a praline swirl and banana and peanut butter. I only managed to have half of the banana and peanut butter as I was super full from the sandwiches! The chocolate disc was covered in cocoa nibs and was bitter-sweet, just how I like my chocolate. The scone was chocolate and orange and was massive, I literally only had a bite or two with the almond and cocoa nib butter along with the strawberry jam. Honestly I felt I was in heaven. The brownie was light but full of flavour, and again was quite bitter. Lastly was a chocolate mousse cake, oh my, silky smooth. 

We were there for around three hours chatting with the staff, who may I add really know their stuff and have such a passion for their job, and eating away. An afternoon tea like this needs to be savoured as it truly is a taste experience. I couldn't more highly recommended Roast and Conch, and we will definitely be heading off there again to experience more of their cocoa goodness!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Bradford Media Museum | #OOTD

Probably a bad idea to upload this now judging the weather, but here is a post I wrote a while back showing one of my summer looks!

I've been spending a lot more time with the family lately, having my brother and sister-in-law, niece and nephew over from Australia back in June and July so have been 'dressing up' and going out in public haha. Here is what I wore when we headed off to the Media Museum in Bradford. 

Necklace - ASOS, old. 
White camisole - George at Asda, £4 (for pack of two - black and white). 
Floral print joggers - New Look Inspire (via ASOS Curve) £17.99
Acid bleach denim jacket - G21 at George at Asda, £18
Flatform sandals - Primark, £10.